Driver Video Instructions

Driver Video Instructions


Don’t worry about the length just take your time and say it nicely. And clearly wear a nice shirt if you have one with a collar. You can write this down and stick it on the wall infront of you and hold the camera in front of you so you don’t lose eye contact with the camera, or have some one video your head and shoulders while you speak

steps to take

Make a short video for under 1min:

1. Introduce yourself, Good day Potential Employer, My Name is ____

2. I am a Code 14 driver who has experience with ___ trailers.

3. The brands of trucks I have driven are______

4. The areas in which I have driven are _____

5. On my digital CV I have 3 past employers with references.

6. My personal Attributes are:

7. I seek any available opportunity in the Logistics industry where I am able to use my skills.

8. I would like to thank you for viewing my profile on You will be able to access more information and contact me through the platform.

9. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you