Platform Features

platform Features


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At we have a state of the art recruiting platform. This is what we believe is the future of recruitment in the logistics industry.

Our system offers a fully digital interface that captures and uploads all relevant documents, for drivers with extensive fields of data that utilises artificial intelligence to match the best suited driver to the employer’s requirements. To further this more advanced features are offered where drivers can perform specific checks such as criminal, document verification, accident report history, medicals, and even a physical test on a horse and trailer. etc. These allow a company’s to employ individuals with even more ease and security.

We then offer a fully virtual interview process, should the guided video CVs lack any information or I and employer needs to ask detailed questions. And top off all of this, checks are performed on our exclusive driver Black List. This technology works exceptionally well during the Covid-19 pandemic by automating this process you limit human interaction.


Courses and Education

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If any industry lacks specific education, it is that of running a trucking company. The course is over a series of lectures that enables an entrepreneur to gain the broad spectrum of industry knowledge.

The course takes you physically into the industry and give you insight from the ground up. Promising entrepreneurs, whom perform well, that are guided and able to secure start up capital will be given access to 2year contracts in which they are able to securely enter the highly rewarding logistics industry.

The course is both general and highly technical. So those who can read and write English at an above average standard will only be permitted. Note this course is by no means intended to make you employable. This course is to guide you to become an owner operator in the fastest and most efficient time possible. The course is lead by very highly skilled individuals. It utilizes affiliate companies to physically put you in the and behind the wheels of these beautiful machines to allow you to have the full experience.

On completion your you will receive a certificate and those dedicated high performers will be lucky enough to have access to secure long term work in the industry.



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The code14 marketplace sets itself apart from others as it is a platform on which one can get great deals at reduced pricing without having to shop around. At code14, we support a growing buyer/seller community and promote a diversity of products and services within the logistics sector.

We source products in large quantities and by using economies of scale are able to offer great deals at exclusive pricing.

By arranging deals with various vehicle manufacturers and brands, we are able to offer you deals through our platform


Document Verification

We provide assistance with verification of Driver Documents. Contact us for the various options and avoid those nasty insurance repudiations.

Exclusive Deals

Discounted items for subscribed companies, that are sourced through specific suppliers. Using economies of scale, buying power and a delivery service, we aim to provide you with all the savings of the modern way of purchasing - Online!


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We publish content monthly for companies to see what's new on our platform as well as exclusive content that is added