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platform Features


View Driver Profiles

At we have a state of the art recruiting platform. This is what we believe is the future of recruitment in the logistics industry.

Our system offers a fully digital interface that captures and uploads all relevant documents, for drivers with extensive fields of data that utilises artificial intelligence to match the best suited driver to the employer’s requirements. To further this more advanced features are offered where drivers can perform specific checks such as criminal, document verification, accident report history, medicals, and even a physical test on a horse and trailer. etc. These allow a company’s to employ individuals with even more ease and security.

We then offer a fully virtual interview process, should the guided video CVs lack any information or I and employer needs to ask detailed questions. And top off all of this, checks are performed on our exclusive driver Black List. This technology works exceptionally well during the Covid-19 pandemic by automating this process you limit human interaction.


We understand the nitty gritty of the industry and insurance the best! As our system and network was developed by those with over 50years of industry experience.
With our industry specific knowledge, we are able to offer unparalleled deals and value-added services that are rivalled by none!

Some of the value-added services to members of our site, include the following:

  • 50% of all fleet alignment (using the latest camera-radio technology and not the outdated laser system) saving you in the long run,
  • Loan tires in specific areas to get you through those difficult times,
  • Discounted rates on truck self – sealing tire technology, avoiding on road delays
  • Towing and mechanical assistance cover,
  • Reduced rates on truck and trailer deep cleaning
  • Monthly brake reports and full fleet inspections, from chassis to mechanical

These are just to name a few…

We work with a network of specialist approved brokers and insurers we aspire to get your Company the most advantages deals! With our working relationships, beyond just volume but that of risk reduction and seamless integration with the leading commercial insurers in South Africa, we hold a competitive advantage over the normal mainstream insurance broker. This is certain to reduce your company’s spend apart from our value added network which on its own is an unparalleled saving.

Contact us to experience the difference…

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COD Loads

Our platform is different from others. It hosts a Cash on Delivery Loads system to aid transporters that need load with fast payment terms, thereby easing their cashflow restrictions, especially in these trying times. All work placed on the code 14 platform is verified as all companies that place such loads are only able to do so after stringent vetting. We are not looking for a quantity of loads but rather quality. Please register as a company on the platform to gain access to this. Once you are vetted you will be invited where you will be grated access to be able to see these available loads.


View Blacklisted Drivers

This is a revolutionary feature on our platform! The Black List is a detailed listing of drivers that have defaulted over various categories that we have identified. This allowed a transparent and connected industry.

How it works is actually very simple. If a driver have worked for you and stolen or defaulted in a specific way you are able to apply to Black List him. This works via their ID or passport number and Names. It allows uploads of documents such as ID/Passport and SAPS Case Number.

The name is then circulated on the black list and this is available to any registered employer to see.

How this benefits the transport community is that the next company is saved from hiring a driver who is a criminal or extremely unethical. If all companies work together to list up drivers who have committed any crime or disrespect to a company or its property its available to all.

Being a transporter, one knows that the involvement of the SAPS is often limited. You may suffer from diesel theft and have all the information of the suspect driver and a month or two passes, you get a call stating that the driver cannot be found or is not reprimanded in anyway! The black list fixes that issue as by loading up defaulting drivers and running drivers through the database, a company can avoid a criminal or previous defaulter.

Also by registering a driver you have on the database, and informing him of such by showing him the platform you can add accountability by informing them that should they default you will submit their details for backlisting and this will seriously affect their chances of being hired by a good company in the future.

In essence you can call this the ITC of drivers.



View Marketplace

The code14 marketplace sets itself apart from others as it is a platform on which one can get great deals at reduced pricing without having to shop around. At code14, we support a growing buyer/seller community and promote a diversity of products and services within the logistics sector.

We source products in large quantities and by using economies of scale are able to offer great deals at exclusive pricing.

By arranging deals with various vehicle manufacturers and brands, we are able to offer you deals through our platform


Document Verification

We provide assistance with verification of Driver Documents. Contact us for the various options and avoid those nasty insurance repudiations.


Mechanical Assistance

All registered companies will have access to the database of approved and listed mechanics in the industry. Companies are able to submit their problems and our system will refer the correct most suited individual for the job, with the correct skill set and a pre agreed price. This is for non emergency work. This is the likes of complete engine overalls, changing of major components, gearboxes, etc. The platform for emergency work on road will be implemented later in the course of 2021.

Exclusive Deals

Discounted items for subscribed companies, that are sourced through specific suppliers. Using economies of scale, buying power and a delivery service, we aim to provide you with all the savings of the modern way of purchasing - Online!


View Magazine

We publish content monthly for companies to see what's new on our platform as well as exclusive content that is added